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I am an experienced local Internet Software Engineer, Web Designer and Web Developer, dependable and multi-faceted, worked in the field of Information Technology for over eighteen years. Over seventeen years of professional web development/design/animation experience. I have built and maintained dozens of web sites (including virtual stores) and one of my sites won an award from Qwest. Here is a summary to give you a complete picture of my skills set and experience:

Career Summary + Read More

Worked in the field of Information Technology for over eighteen years

Seventeen years of professional web design/development experience

Strong web developer with focus on UI/UX, Front-End, design and style

Areas of Expertise + Read More

Web Design

Web Development

Front-End Development

Mobile and Responsive Development

Creative thinking: focus on Design and Style

Design and Product Vision


Technical Aptitude


Code Quality

Multimedia Content Development and integration into UI

Web and Print Graphics

Bug Fixing and Software Testing

Web site maintenance

Technical capability + Read More

Front-End Development with expert level of HTML and CSS

Development of Custom, user friendly Web Sites, including Mobile and Responsive

Development of Mobile-specific web interfaces/sites

Developing and enhancing new web-based systems





Responsive Design Techniques and Practices

Frameworks: Bootstrap, jQuery UI and jQuery Mobile

CMS: WordPress, Joomla, Drupal

Management and development in the hosting environment of websites

Open Source e-commerce: OSCommerce, Zencart, Woocommerce, OpenCart, EShop

Adobe Creative Suite

Specific Proficiency in Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator

Web and Print Graphics, including Logo Design

Expert in interface usability, layout, color scheme and style

In-depth understanding of modern web practices

HTML + Read More

Expert HTML4/DHTML/XHTML/HTML5 coder, profound knowledge of each. Long (18 years) history of HTML programming

Hand-code W3C compliant web sites with clean, cross-browser compatible code

Have many years of experience in creating mixed/hybrid HTML/DHTML/FLASH/CSS/jQuery interfaces and table-less XHTML/CSS layout with pixel-precise content positioning

Currently develop mostly in HTML5

CSS + Read More

Expert CSS coder (15 years)

Started with CSS1, progressed through CSS2 to CSS3

Also program in LESS and SASS

Use Responsive design techniques – these are mostly CSS-based

Currently develop in CSS3 and love it!

Frameworks + Read More

Well-versed in:


jQuery UI

jQuery Mobile

Custom Styling on top of these Frameworks, basically – re-Styling them, because the original Styling might not be desirable

Content Management Systems (CMS) + Read More

Experienced CMS developer. Deep customization and development of WordPress, Joomla, Drupal CMS Platforms

Although I feel at home in any PHP/MySQL/HTML/CSS CMS system, my favorite is WordPress – I consider myself an expert in
WordPress (5 years): built many WP sites, providing deep customization (HTML, PHP and CSS) of Themes, installed and configured
the WP software, Plugins/Widgets, provided maintenance/updates for WP sites, resolved conflicts, even tweaked the WP engine
itself. Successfully conducted MLS/IDX Feed integration into CMS-based Realtor sites.

Adobe Software + Read More

Expert in Adobe Creative Suite 5 (CS5) Web Premium and Adobe Creative Suite 6 (CS6) Web Premium

High level of proficiency in, and Emphasis on, Photoshop CC, InDesign CC and Illustrator CC

Very high level of expertise in Photoshop (and a long history – started with Photoshop 4, went through all versions to CC)

Excellent digital Graphics Designer, web-oriented, but can create for Print as well

SEO/SEM + Read More

Experienced with SEO/SEM – ran successful AdWords campaigns from different Google accounts

Have solid experience streamlining and priming HTML code for proper organic SEO

Wrote SEO/SEM Action Plans, which requires staying on top of the ever-changing SEO situation

Web Animation + Read More

HTML5/CSS3 Animation

DHTML Animation (Dynamic HTML with the use of JavaScript+HTML+CSS)

Have good experience in Flash design/development

Other Professional and Personal Skills + Read More


Highly detail-oriented

Worked in Agile development environment

Use both PCs and Macs as web development and production platforms

Worked in Xampp/CakePHP/Git Version Control/Dropbox/PHPMyAdmin/jQuery/Eclipse/WebStorm production environment

Built mobile versions of web sites, both with Responsive design technique/CSS3, and Mobile-specific

Have experience in PHP scripting and MySQL database development/management

Created web sites through all stages – wire framing, design, development, deployment and maintenance

Customized Open Source e-Commerce software and built sites with e-Commerce solutions: OSCommerce, Zencart, WooCommerce and EShop

Very good at fixing code and debugging applications and web sites

Exceptional skills in rich web media/web animation, digital photography, digital video and sound engineering

Proficient in digital video delivery over the Net, including true streaming

Web and technically savvy; a quick learner; strong in multitasking

Have solid experience in design, interface usability, graphics, web media optimization, browser compatibility and Internet technologies

Conducted successful, extensive and deep web research

Have a solid Internet Marketing background

Professional, self-motivated, organized, reliable, meticulous as far as the quality of the product is concerned

Strong work ethics, work efficiently on my own or within the group environment

Positive, upbeat attitude; excellent communication, interpersonal, and teamwork skills

Friendly, easy to get along with

Latest from Portfolio

Featured Works

Below are some samples of my Web Development Portfolio. These samples are of web sites, graphic user interfaces, logos, e-stores, and other web-related work that I have done throughout my career. Of course these are just some samples, there's no way to show all the works. Not everything fits into this Portfolio. Look around the site - there's plenty more to see, especially in My Portfolio!

I create Mobile sites,


Software Tools

Web Development is a very broad term. It implies everything from Web Design to backend development and anything in-between. Web site production involves the use of a variety of software packages and expert application of a number of Web Technologies. Check out the interactive info-boxes below for the Software Tools and scripting languages that I use on a daily basis.

  • photoshopcs6


    I have used Photoshop for over 16 years. Started with Photoshop, Version 4. This software has been my best friend for the last decade and a half. Went through Versions 4, 5, 7, 9, CS3, now working with Photoshop CS5.

  • eclipse


    Eclipse is an Open Source multi-language Integrated Development Environment (IDE), or in other words – a multi-language application-wide editor.

  • html5


    Professionally worked with HTML for 17 years. Went with the evolution of this Scripting Language from HTML2.0 to HTML5. I consider myself a very advanced HTML/CSS programmer.

  • css3


    CSS3 offers a wealth of possibilities in terms of visual and interactive effects, even allowing you to create animated elements without the need for either Flash or JavaScript.

  • DW-CS6


    Dreamweaver in a Coder Mode is my primary tool for editing hypertext. It is an excellent editor for web design professionals. I have used this tool for 14 years. Eclipse is used for serious web development, web applications and mobile apps.

  • php


    PHP is the best, in my view, engine to create complex web applications and/or add functionality to existing sites. Most of my new sites are developed in PHP, although they are still a PHP/HTML mix. PHP allows you to interact with your visitors in ways HTML alone can’t.

  • inDesign


    I used Adobe InDesign for 5 years and consider it the best tool for professional layouts design in print and digital publishing.
    Its ability to create large, highly manageable print projects (like Magazines, covers, flyers and brochures) is unsurpassed.

  • fireworks-cs6


    This bitmap and vector graphics editor, has certainly “grown up” through the years and became a powerful graphics package for professional web designers to rapidly create website vector/raster images, as well as prototypes and application interfaces.

Word Press

WordPress is a popular PHP/MySQL-based Content Management System, that is a fabulous platform allowing for flexibility, growth and expansion. More and more clients want to implement WordPress on their sites to take advantage of its extensible nature – various features from SEO, to slideshows, to full-blown ecommerce solutions, to name a few – are available for application to your web site through the use of WordPress Plugins. I have profound experience with CMS customization/development (WordPress, Joomla, Drupal). I worked on many WP sites, providing deep customization (both PHP and CSS) of Themes, installed and configured Plugins, even tweaked the WP engine itself. Below are examples of sites, developed by me in WordPress.

Browse some of my  WordPress Sites!


Cell: 303-847-5458
E-mail: leonid@thedigitalmotion.com
Skype ID: leonid-stylecouncil
We can also video-conference through Google Hangouts just, search there for leonid.yevseyev@gmail.com, and we'll connect!

Full version of my Résumé is available at your request, the interactive infographics below present only the highlights.

  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • PHP
  • PhotoShop
  • jQuery/JavaScript
  • WordPress







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