You heard about WordPress and how great it is for building just about any type of website. You picked a great theme to make your site look the way you want and installed a few plugins to make it do the things you need. Finally, you added your content and launched the site. All done, right?

Not so fast.

Give attention to the following essentials before you consider your WordPress site complete. They don’t take much time but are often overlooked.

Did You Do These Things?

Secure Your Login
Configure Backups
Prepare for Updates
Check Your Settings
Prevent Comment Spam
Welcome Search Engines
Moved Your Site? Update Your URLs
Switched Themes? Resize Your Images

1. Secure Your Login
Automation is being used all day and all night to guess passwords for millions of login forms on the Internet. This is called cracking. Accounts using simple passwords such as dictionary words are cracked first.

Use a different strong password for every online account you have. Google provides some handy tips. Solutions like 1Password and LastPass can help by generating and remembering a complex password for each of your accounts. All you have to do is memorize one master password.

Also install the Limit Login Attempts WordPress plugin. It slows cracking attempts to a virtual halt by locking down your login form after a number of failed attempts.

2. Configure Backups
The importance of making regular backups cannot be overstated. You want to be able to restore a backup if ever the need arises. Here are some plugins that help.

BackUpWordPress – A free backup plugin with good ratings.
UpdraftPlus – Another highly rated free plugin with optional paid addons.
VaultPress – We use this paid service for daily automatic backups.
BackupBuddy – A very popular paid backup plugin from iThemes.

It never hurts to have two backups. Your web host may have a backup feature in their control panel. If it does not run automatically, mark your calendar to log in and periodically generate and download a backup of your entire website.

3. Prepare for Updates
WordPress, theme and plugin updates include new features and bug fixes. Bug fixes are important and if they are related to security, they are essential. Always run the latest versions. It only takes a few clicks.

WordPress shows available updates on your dashboard and updates itself behind the scenes when security updates are available. Major releases and updates for themes and plugins require action on your part. You can install the WP Updates Notifier plugin to receive emails. Also mark your calendar to log in periodically to check for available updates. The rest of the original article is here.